Few shots ;)

Been a while since I updated tumblr :\ made a few vids over on xhamster over time:)

I'd just love to eat out your ass. Then fuck it! ;) hehe x


Im just starting to cross dress myself, Your underwear is super sexy I wish I had some of it myself.... NOM!!!!

well, go buy some they’re all over the place :D

i just saw you. wow... amazing. one question, have you been with a man before? i am an admirer and have never actually been with a cd, ts etc. i am still hopeful i can find someone to share some time with. thanks...

Nope, only with girls :p

I love the clothes you wear. Sexy. My gf doesn't know I crossdress so I only buy online. But I do wish I were as fortunate as you. Quite a few times I've bought clothes I didn't fit :(

ty:3. you could try to get her on board, like, just try joking and saying silly stuff about crossdressing whenever you are around lingerie or she dresses for you and watch her reaction :p thats how I got into this whole thing! luckily I just fit magically into everything O.o 

You're hot and I know you from xtube. Are you going to post new stuff soon?

haha yeah old times, I moved to xhamster quite a while ago, and yes, hopefully!

Where do I meet someone as sexy as you? You are gorgeous.

ty^^ depends on where you are ;p

Love your sexy pics! Thanks for sharing. ♥♥


When are you going to upload some new videos? I think they're really hot!

idk really, work schedule is tight kinda don’t have as much time as I used to, but surely i’ll make one soon:)

hnnnnnnng too adorable!

ty :>

You said you shop with your gf, does she know you dress up? it would be great to see a set with both of you making love.

yep, and i’ll ask haha

I'm in Toronto 25 white male bi.what part of Canada you in?